From Despair to Success – the story of Miriat Nangobi

//From Despair to Success – the story of Miriat Nangobi
The FAWE Uganda scholarship marked the beginning of a transformation in my life. Through the call, I was told I had been successful in the FAWEU MasterCard scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s degree of science in Agriculture from Busitema University and was required to report to Mbarara University

of science and technology for the extended orientation program. I couldn’t believe I was to join university and my mum was so nervous about me being her first child to join university.

While at the campus, FAWE Uganda was paying all my tuition, funded my academic business projects, visited me every semester, and was also given a stipend which made me concentrate and work so hard academically. I thought of what to do besides class work to multiply my stipend and opted for a mobile money and cookies business. I was lucky and my business moved on well but I didn’t forget why I went to school. The business enabled me to cater for school fees for some of my siblings back home who are currently in senior three and also got occupied during the pandemic when there was no school. I also started banana farming and piggery project back in the village during the pandemic which also added on my income source and experience in my field of study.

In my fourth year at school I got opportunity and carried out my research on seed quality together with the National Agriculture Semi- Arid research resources institute which I am to publish a paper before end of 2023.

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