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FAWE Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Enabling Access to Education and Training for Girls and Women in Africa

This strategic plan provides our network with a renewed strategic focus over the next five years, provides a basic framework to enable us to cope with emerging changes more creatively, informs all within the organization and partners about our vision and mission, values and strategic direction and provides stability for our operations and avoids sudden programme changes.

The new orientation also makes us focus anew on gender equality in order to achieve Goals 4 & 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2063 and the Gender Equality Strategy for the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (GES4CESA 16-25) that we developed on behalf of the African Union.

Our four strategic objectives are:

  1. Girls and young women across Africa, especially those in extreme adversity, ensuring access to quality education and training opportunities to develop relevant skills for the world of work;
  2. Education systems in Africa integrate gender responsive approaches and policies to nurture skills and competencies for girls and women to contribute to their societies;
  3. The FAWE institutional capacity (networking, leadership, technical & financial) strengthened to deliver its mandate; and,
  4. Research and knowledge management systems strengthened to inform policies, new approaches and set pace for the girls’ agenda in Africa.

Key result areas:

  1. Successful models on girls’ education documented and scaled up
  2. New models on selected areas innovated and tested
  3. Education policies, plans and budgets are gender responsive
  4. Community engagement is robust in addressing issues affecting girls and women
  5. Improved evidence and knowledge management on gender issues in education
  6. Documentation and shared learning
  7. Organizational and network strengthening
  8. Robust resource mobilization and new business initiatives

FAWE will be guided by the new business model which will ensure programmatic, organizational and financial sustainability for the Regional Secretariat and National Chapters, designed to allow a diversification of their funding base. The new business model is premised on four key pillars – building a strong profile, institutional strengthening and seeking new internal and external funding sources.

Download PDF:

FAWE Strategic Plan (Abridged version)

FAWE Strategic Plan (Full)_English

Evaluation report of the FAWE Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Read online:
FAWE Strategic Plan 2019-2023 (Abridged version)

FAWE Strategic Plan 2019-2023 (Full version)

Previous FAWE Strategic Plans:

FAWE Strategic Plan 2013-2017: Enabling positive change in girls’ education in Africa

FAWE Strategic Plan 2008-2012: Leveraging our Strength- Meeting New Challenges in Girls’ Education

FAWE Strategic Plan 2000-2004

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