Reflection and forecasting through outcome harvesting

///Reflection and forecasting through outcome harvesting

A new year brings with it an opportunity to reflect, regroup and set new targets to achieve. In the month of February, FAWE under the Break Free Alliance Programme held two outcome harvesting sessions for the Kenya and Ethiopia country groups.

Outcome harvesting is a monitoring and evaluation technique used by Non-Governmental Organizations to track the progress and outcomes of their programs. It is a participatory approach that involves collecting and analyzing evidence of program outcomes through structured interviews, focus group discussions, and other data sources.
“We are hopeful that this year we will be an even greater success because we have gathered great lessons from the previous two years. We aim to upscale best practices and at the same time learn from our shortcomings to record excellent results.” Said Ms. Fraciah Kagu, Advocacy and Partnerships Officer at FAWE Regional Secretariat.

The main objective of outcome harvesting is to identify and document the most significant changes brought about by a program, and to understand how and why these changes occurred. The approach emphasizes the use of qualitative data, including stories and testimonies, to capture the voices of program participants and other stakeholders.
Overall, the Break Free! Programme will be embarking on its Mid-Term Review (MTR) in June 2023. At the mid-term review, the consortium will assess its progress and test if the Theory of Change design is still relevant or if there is need to change course. Also, the MTR will present a chance to streamline and set course for the remaining two and a half years of project implementation.

Notably, the youth under the Ethiopian country group have created Facebook and Telegram pages whereby they reach out to fellow youth and educate them on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). The topics of discussion in the groups center around matters of concern to contemporary youth such as sexuality, depression, Gender Based Violence and many more. The link to the Facebook page can be found here while the link to the Telegram page can be found here.

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