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FAWE Zambia

FAWE’S action on the ground

Policy Advocacy

  • Refined re-entry policy guidelines for Ministry of Education
  • Sensitised school communities on re-entry guideline
  • Sensitised communities on country’s free education policy & implications
  • Participated in developing plans for training of female teachers for primary schools
  • Interacted with legislators on policy for women literacy
  • Participated in external review of strategic plan of Ministry of Education member of committee on PRSP
  • Influenced elimination of Grade 7 examination fees
  • Influenced effective implementation of the affirmative policy for increased participation of women in management.
  • A member of the EFA Task force
  • Chapter took a lead in reviewing Education bill for gender biases

Community Advocacy

  • Radio discussion on girls’ safety, re-entry policy and HIV/Aids
  • Advocacy for removal of impediments to MDG/EFA Gender equality goals –  more than 150 Policy makers, 1,000 practitioners, 3,000 community members and more than 8,000 boys and girls
  • Advocacy for legal reform to protect female reproductive rights – 45 legislators
  • Launch of the Girls’ Education Movement (GEM) identify critical issue in advancing girls’ education
  • Girls’ Education Day – Highlight achievements scored in the campaign for girls’ education
  • National SAFE Conventions – empowering girls with life skills to survive HIV/AIDS and mitigate social challenges
  • Annual International Women’s Day Campaigns – Global themes
  • Produced and distributed FAN newsletter three times a year since 2003
  • Popularizing the Re-entry policy – 36 broadcasts on community radio stations
  • Advocating against traditional practices that hinder girls’ participation – 13 radio broadcasts
  • Inter-tertiary debates on topics of gender equality 35 TV broadcasts
  • Key Contacts
    Coordinator: Mrs. Daphne Chimuka
    Chair: Mrs. Lillian Kapulu

  • FAWE Zambia Chapter
    House No. 6680, Chiwalamabwe Rd,
    Olympia Park, P O Box 37695
    LUSAKA, Zambia

  • 260) 211-292753 / (260) 211-295482

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    Country Education Statistics – Source: World Bank