FAWE Uganda

FAWE Uganda’s action on the ground in line with
the four-pronged approach of FAWE

Policy Advocacy
• Members of Ministry of Education National Task Force on gender
* Actively participated and influenced the drafting of the Ministry of Education and Sports   gender policy
• Participated in the review of by-laws for children’s protection
• Reviewed FEMS a guidelines for integration into EFA NAPs
• Trained a core team to ensure gender mainstreaming in EFA NAPS
• Strong links with Ministry of Education in EFA gender mainstreaming
• Strong links with Ministry of Education in Education Sector review/Dissemination of re-entry policy for teenage mothers

Community and Grassroots Advocacy
* Campaigned and lobbied govt to recruit more female science teachers.
* Sensitized and trained teachers in gender responsive pedagogy.
• Radio campaigns on girls’ education
• Program of role models for enhancement of girls’ education and documented it as best practice for influencing the education of girls.
• Awareness creation and mobilization of local communities to support and promote girls’ education
• FAWE Uganda is a member and Co-chair of the UNGEI Advisory Committee (UUAC)
• The Chapter is actively involved in the Global Campaign for Education

Demonstrative Interventions

•Bursary scheme over 2,500 pupils benefit annually
• Life skills training and mentoring programmes for  both girls and boys
• Girls and boys mentored by both peer mentors and adult mentors and inspired to work hard and achieve better results.
• Supports Child mothers with practical and entrepreneur skills for their survival and their family.
• Participated in launch of Girls’ Education movement (GEM)
• Trained 73 teachers in 14 schools on life skills teaching methodologies through use of SARA Communications
• Twinning best performing urban schools with poor rural schools through sharing of best practices

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    Country Education Statistics – Source: World Bank

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