FAWE Senegal

FAWE’S action on the ground

Policy Advocacy
• Signed an agreement with Ministry of Education to jointly support efforts to promote girls’ education
• Trained in gender analysis and mainstreaming
• Trained a core country team to ensure gender mainstreaming in EFA National Action Plans

Community Advocacy
• Trained journalists
• Established a project on media coverage of education

• Provision of books, bags and other learning materials for girls to improve their academei perfomance
• Workshop to establish girls’ clubs of excellence
• Centre of Excellence at Diourbel Senegal
•Girls’ empowerment throughTuseme clubs
•Workshops to sensitise youth on HIV/AIDS and STDs

  • Key Contacts
    Coordinatrice: Madame Adama MBENGUE
    Présidente: Mme Mame Bousso Samb DIACK

  • FAWE Sénégal
    23 Rue Calmette; BP 6646
    DAKAR, Sénégal
  • (221) 33-822-4177

  • mdeyacarine

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