FAWE Gabon

FAWE Gabon’s action on the ground in line with
the four-pronged approach of FAWE

Policy Advocacy
Pushed for integration of gender during development of EFA NAPs in MoE workshops

Community and Grassroots Advocacy
• Launched a media campaign on girls education
• Established four chapter committees for girls

Demonstrative Interventions

• Training of peer educators in life skills
• Sensitisation and training for communities and girl leaders on HIV/AIDS
• Sensitisation of girls in five education institutions using “FAWE Tree of Life”
• Counselling of girls through animation
• Commissioned Association of Midwives of Gabon to counsel schoolgirls on RH issues

  • Key Contacts

    Coordinator: Mme Pélagie Iwangou
    Program Officer: Mme. Emma Stella Akere O. Likassa
    Chair: Mme. Marie Constance Zeng Ebome

  • FAWE-Gabon
    Bas de Guégué – Libreville
    B. P.3076, Libreville, Gabon

  • Coordinator: +241 775358, +241 07399623, +, Program Officer: +241 06 75 50 95

  • Official: | Programme officer: | Chair:

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