Engaging in agribusiness to sustain myself and family during the Covid-19 lockdown – Isaac Byonanebye’s story

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My name is Isaac Byonanebye, a 1st year student pursuing the Higher Education Access Certificate in Biology and Chemistry (HBC) at Busitema University. I am 22 years old and I come from Kanungu district in Western Uganda.

The COVID 19 pandemic lockdown has been a very challenging time. Since all academic institutions were closed, I have had to work hard and innovate to survive. To keep myself busy and to be able to support myself and family, I have engaged in agricultural oriented projects including both poultry and apiculture (bee keeping), as the two are viable in my community.

The projects are currently running smoothly and I am hopeful that by the time the lockdown comes to an end, my efforts will have paid off, and contributed towards supporting my family and community during these hard times.

I conceived and started both projects in May 2020 and they are now three months old. I am optimistic and expect to benefit from these initiatives in six months’ time. The bees will have produced enough honey for harvesting and human consumption. The local birds will have matured and laid 15 – 25 eggs, which will be sold or hatched to raise chicken.  I have invested much attention, time and resources towards this project.

I appreciate FAWE Uganda and Mastercard Foundation for supporting me on furthering my education, a dream I could have not realized. I also appreciate the component of giving back to the community, which was inculcated in me by the program and this has motivated me to engage in income generating activities to transform my community. I call upon every young person out there to exercise self-confidence, start small while thinking big towards success; because nothing is impossible with God.

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