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My name is Ange Clarisse Gusenga and I am one of the Scholar Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF) grantees. The SEF program is a partnership between FAWE and Mastercard Foundation. I am passionate about improving people’s lives and physical wellbeing through producing healthy nutritious food from raw soybeans. As the Founder and Managing Director of PROOF MADE LTD, I process raw soybeans into different finished products such as soya biscuits, soya milk and tofu. Those products are selling in the market and are known by the brand name VENDO.

I have previously featured in Resolution Project, a worldwide Mastercard Foundation competition in which I made it to the top 10 finalists. I won a social venture challenge competition, which includes $5000 in grant, lifelong fellowship, mentorship and training access. With this grant, I am planning to expand my business by buying new and robust machines.

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