FAWE Namibia

FAWE’S action on the ground

Policy Advocacy

  • Participated in the review of MoE- Policy on Promotion of grade 1-9 and grade 11
  • Participated in the review ofCompulsory compensatory teaching (2006)
  • Participated in the review of Policy on grade 10 repeaters (2008).
  • Carried out research on the implementation of re-entry policy for teenage mothers in 5 regions in Namibia

Community Advocacy
Extensive use of print and electronic media including banners, car stickers, t-shirts, brochure, radio, television, talk shows, newspapers, calendars and community meetings focusing on:

  • Re-entry policy for teenage mothers
  • Violence against girls in schools
  • Education of girls, especially among the nomadic Sun communities
  • Key Contacts
    Coordinator: Acting Coordinator Rauha Haufiki
    Chair: Ms. Claudia Uazembua Tjikuua.

  • FAWE Namibia (FAWENA)
    Ministry of Education
    Luther Street,
    Government Office Park
    1st Floor, Room 110
    Private Bag 13186
    WINDHOEK, Namibia, 9000

  • (264) 61 2933143

  • 264 81 2853412

  • (264) 61 2933142

Send FAWE Namibia a message

    Country Education Statistics – Source: World Bank

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