FAWE Mozambique

FAWE’s Action on the ground

Policy Advocacy
FAWEMO has participated in the review of major national education policies for gender responsiveness:
* Influenced the formulation and implementation of national policy to allow pregnant girls to remain in school
* Influenced mainstreaming gender into the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Education
* Participated in the review of implementation of the national Poverty Reduction Strategy
* Research on policies in girls’ education in Mozambique
* Research on challenges to girls in education in Nampula, Zambézia and Gaza Provinces

Community Advocacy
• Regular column on girls’ education issues in national paper
• Training in media relations for NGOs working in basic education
• Meetings held to sensitize parliamentarians on gender and education and girls’ rights;
• Production of articles for radio, TV and newspapers to advocate for girls’ education rights, protection of girls’ against HIV/AIDS and child labour
• Participated in organization and implementation of annual Global Campaign for Education (GCE)
• Development of a position paper on violence against girls in education which was formally presented to Parliamentarians.

  • Key Contacts
    Chair: Her Excellency Graça Machel
    Ms. Francisca M. Costa Nobre

  • FAWEMO Management Committee Coordinator
    FAWE Moçambique
    Rua Vila Namuali – 109
    MAPUTO, Mozambique

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