FAWE Ghana

FAWE’S action on the ground

Policy Advocacy

  • Production of songs and dance as advocacy tools
  • Audiovisual mobile van for gender awareness in rural areas
  • Television/radio talks on girls’ education
  • Community libraries


  • Survey of schoolgirls knowledge of HIV/AIDS
  • Disseminate study results on girls’ sexual maturation
  • Key Contacts
    Coordinator: Mr. Richard Amoani
    Chair: Ms. Esi Sutherland-Addy

  • FAWE Ghana Chapter
    Near FAWE FM 105.9, Fotobi (Nsawam- Aburi Road), Eastern Region Accra,
    P.O. Box CN 1217, Cantoments,
    ACCRA, Ghana

  • (233)-21-81-91460

  • (233) 24 26 89 174 Richard

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    Country Education Statistics – Source: World Bank