FAWE Ethiopia

FAWE Ethiopia’s action on the ground in line with
the four-pronged approach of FAWE

Policy Advocacy
*  Active member of the EFA national movement
* Trained a country core group to ensure gender mainstreaming in EFA NAPs
* Research towards policy for access to quality NEE for out-of-school girls
* Gender based study on Curriculum and Institutional culture in 7 College of Teacher Education contributed to the review of CTE curricula

Community and Grassroots Advocacy
• Produces a chapter newsletter, Timmar
• FAWE award for Media Excellence
• Agathe Uwilingiyamana Award for innovative achievements in female education
Chapter advanced their advocacy through Radio Fana and weekly newspapers

Demonstrative Interventions

• FAWE’S regional pilot project on HIV/AIDS
• ADVANCE Africa project on HIV/AIDS
• Has a strong bursary scheme. In 2002, benefited 1380 girls in 28 schools
• Effective bursary committees in these schools
• Organizes fundraising activities to replenish the bursary kitty
• Mentoring programme using professional women as role models Girls programmes
• Research on education of girls with disabilities
• Plans underway  to start a Centre of Excellence

  • Key Contacts
    Coordinator: Ms Roman Degefa
    Chair: Mme Wizo Melkam Alemu

  • FAWE Ethiopia Chapter
    Megenagna, around Zerfeshewal Elementary School
    P. O. Box 20882 Code 1000, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • +251 166 76645, +251 166 76679

  • +251 911 453554, +251 911 425365

  • +251 11 6290586

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    Country Education Statistics – Source: World Bank