FAWE Chad’s action on the ground in line with
the four-pronged approach of FAWE

Policy Advocacy

  • With UNICEF, develop programme for education of nomads Participated in development of the national PRSP
  • Trained in gender analysis and mainstreaming
  • Trained in communication and project proposal
  • Took part in validating report on Gender Equality in Education

Demonstrative Interventions

  • Empowerment activities
  • Organized interschool debates on gender issues
  • To-date 18 girls’ clubs with 2550 members
  • Organized girls’ Forum attended by 96 girls and 32 animators
  • Joined in radio programmes that helped explain FAWE’s mandate.
  • Started small scale income generating activities for girls.

Community and Grassroots Advocacy

  • Bulletin for girls’ clubs
  • Roundtable on “Challenges to girls’ education in the 3rd millennium
    Coordinator: n/a
    Chair: Mme Naimo Perside Beguy

  • Forum des Educatrices Tchadiennes (FAWE/TCHAD)
    Quartier Ambassatna, 3ème Arrondissement, carré 07, rue 2086, porte 649, Coté Ouest de la Librairie la Source
    B.P 1120, N’DJAMENA, Tchad

  • Official: +235 62519659/66278507 Chair: +235 66280132

  • Official:, Chair:

Send FAWE Chad a message

    Country Education Statistics – Source: World Bank

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