FAWE Burundi

Acting Coordinator: Marie Bwimana | Chair: Alice Nindorera | Vice-Chair: Gaudence Ngendakuriyo
Address: Avenue de la Mission No. 2, BP 6382, BUJUMBURA, Burundi
Téléphone: +257 22 244634 | Email: fawebdi@gmail.com

FAWE Burundi’s action on the ground in line with
the four-pronged approach of FAWE

Policy Advocacy

  • Capacity building for staff on gender analysis and mainstreaming
  • Database on girls’ education and performance
  • Commissioned studies on barriers to girls’ education
  • Study on gender stereotypes in national curriculum

Community and Grassroots Advocacy

  • Radio programmes on girls’ education
  • Newsletter on girls’ issue – Tujijuke
  • Award to best performing girls in the provinces

Demonstrative Interventions (HIV/AIDS)

  • FAWE’s regional pilot project on HIV/AIDS
  • Stop AIDS Cubs established in secondary schools
  • Sensitisation seminars for girls

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    Country Education Statistics – Source: World Bank