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Burundi: Institutionalization of the school aunt and father – FAWE Burundi’s campaign against sexual violence and pregnancy in schools

The wisdom and tenderness of the school aunt and father will overcome the scourge

Sexual violence and early pregnancy in schools is a sad reality in Burundi. According to testimonials collected during awareness and training […]

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Burundi: International Day of Women and Girls in Science – A career in science is a real obstacle course for women and girls

The UN General Assembly on 22December 2015 dedicated February 11 to women and girls of science. In Burundi, the day was celebrated for the first time ever on 18 February 2019 at the Ecole […]

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FAWE’s new five-year strategic plan to tackle emerging challenges facing girls’ and women’s education in Africa

When the strategic plan for 2013-2017 lapsed in December 2017, the FAWE Regional Secretariat embarked on the process of developing a new strategy to guide the organization’s operations for the next five years. The […]

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FAWE champions the education of refugees, IDPs, and returnees at the 33rd GIMAC Summit

There is an urgent need to create sustainable education opportunities for women and girls in forced displacement situations. This need was clearly demonstrated when FAWE facilitated a panel discussion the issue during the 33rd […]

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New GRP toolkit for early childhood education empowers teachers to challenge gender stereotypes

The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) and VVOB – education for development have launched an innovative new resource: The “Gender-responsive pedagogy for early childhood education (GRP4ECE)” toolkit. This toolkit provides early childhood teachers […]

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FAWE, UN agencies and partners hold inaugural youth-led convening in efforts to unleash the potential of youth in Africa

FAWE through a partnership between UN agencies and civil society actors co-facilitated a youth-led conference 23- 25 October 2018. The Africa Youth Conference with the theme ‘Unleashing the Potential of Youth in Africa through […]

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FAWE in new partnership with Norad to equip 900 girls and young women with entrepreneurship skills

FAWE has entered into a new partnership with the Norwegian Agency for Development (Norad ) in an initiative that seeks to equip 900 girls and young women from Zanzibar and Mali with entrepreneurship skills. […]

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