Dr. Chikondi Mpokosa

/Dr. Chikondi Mpokosa
Dr. Chikondi Mpokosa

Dr. Chikondi Mpokosa

Board Member

Dr. Chikondi Mpokosa is an Educationalist with over 20 years of experience in international development in progressive leadership roles. Dr. Chikondi brings real experience in the gender sector having been an advocate of women’s inclusion in Malawi and Zimbabwe at grassroots level. Dr. Chikondi conveys a wealth of experience managing programmes across multi-countries and within a large variety of organisations in international development in a variety of programme areas, including gender, education, child rights, human rights, humanitarian, and capacity-building. Originally from Malawi, Dr. Chikondi has gained international experience through her work in Vietnam, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Niger, Mozambique, Mali, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria and South Sudan.

Dr. Chikondi recently completed working with UNICEF Nigeria. She has previously worked as the Global Program Director for “Women and Girls”, responsible for setting strategies that would better serve the needs of women and girls living in challenging circumstances in the countries in which “Opportunity International” worked. She also supported partners in the field and philanthropy teams to understand better the unique needs and risks facing women and girls and aided knowledge sharing. She developed programmes, products and tools to serve the identified needs and aligned the gender strategy with Opportunity’s broader global goals.

She has previously served as the National Advocacy Manager for the Malala Fund, developing advocacy programs around the world to encourage and empower girls to complete 12 years of free, safe, quality primary and secondary education, achieve their potential and be agents of positive change in their communities.

Throughout her career, Dr. Chikondi has served in various consulting, management and program implementation roles that have focused on inclusion of marginalized and excluded children, including children living with disabilities, e.g. at Leonard Cheshire Disability—London, the Chisomo Children’s Club in Malawi, Forum for African Women Educationalists and the Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Center.

Dr. Chikondi holds an Ed. D, MAEGID, B, Ed. (Sci). She lives with her family in Oxford, UK.

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