Girls of Malawi say yes to girls’ rights now!

///Girls of Malawi say yes to girls’ rights now!

On 12th October, FAWE Regional Secretariat in partnership with FAWE Malawi commemorated the International Day of the girl in style by holding a day long girls’ camp in Lilongwe.

The camp provided the girls with a platform to engage with duty bearers at the national level such as the Deputy Minister of Education Malawi, Inspector General of Police, senior chiefs among many others.

The girls, drawn from TA Chiwalo in Machinga and TA Njewa in Lilongwe had the chance to share their challenges that they face in their quest to attaining their education. It was also an excellent platform for the girls to receive counsel on how to make the best out of their schooling for improved performance.

Speaking during the event, FAWE Malawi’s Executive Director Mr. Wesley Chabwera said, “It is important that even as we urge girls to work hard in school, we expose them to the right mentors and people to look up to. This ensures that their drive is increased as they work towards attaining specific life goals.”

“Covid-19 has showed us that we don’t have to rely on the physical walls to get an education. Online is also an option to increase education for our students.” Added Hon. Monica Chang’anamuno Deputy Minister of Education.

The event provided a space in which the girls interacted with role models from the medical, engineering, police forces and law fields as mentorship is a critical part of education. Among those in attendance were Captain Jane Grace Gausi, a Lawyer and a member of the Malawi Armed Forces and Inspector General of Malawi Police Ms. Fanny Chimbaya.

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) was also a topic of discussion during the event as it is critical for the healthy development of young people. Research shows that many young people have to find their way without the right information and facilities. Additionally, girls in particular are confronted with harmful gender norms and customs that prevent them from having a say in important decisions in their lives.

During the event, the girls performed songs and recitals as a form of expressing their will to complete their education, secure their future and safeguard their SRHR.

Commemoration of the International Day of the Girl was courtesy of the Break Free! Alliance project. It is expected that the camp will be instrumental in helping the girls to make better decisions on their education and SRHR now and in the future.

Caption: A young girl from Njewa, Malawi recites a poem on the International Day of the Girl commemoration event held in Lilongwe, Malawi. 

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