Hibo Diiriye Adan, Somalia: Economic Empowerment of Out of School Girls through TVET

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I am currently working at Skills for Youth Center as a secretary. I am a former beneciary of the FAWE TVET program for out-of-school girls.

Prior to securing the scholarship, I was a school drop-out and living as a house wife with my children. Then one day I heard the announcement on the radio and went and enrolled for the course. The teachers were very helpful and friendly and the curriculum was very student-friendly. After 9 months of training, I started looking for a job but wasn’t successful. I kept on searching despite the fact that frustration was creeping.

Luckily, I was notified of the existence of a position of a secretary at SYC. I applied and after some time I was invited for an interview. To my delight, I was hired! That was the
most beautiful moment of my life. I went home and broke the news to my daughters; I could see how proud they were of me.

I now have a job that helps me pay the bills, and I am also using my experience to counsel and advice my daughters. I now hold girls’ education in high regard and use my own experience as reference point when addressing my girls.

Nasro Jamac Arab, age 19, is a beneficiary of the Economic Empowerment of Girls in Post-Conflict Situations through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme.

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