J.J. Mungai Secondary School, Mufindi District, Tanzania

/, Tanzania/J.J. Mungai Secondary School, Mufindi District, Tanzania

Mixed secondary school

COE components

  • Bursaries for underprivileged
  • Gender-Responsive Pedagogy training for teachers
  • Science, Mathematics&Technology programme
  • Tuseme youth empowerment programme
  • Life skills training

Established 2004

  • 122 female students
  • 152 male students
  • 1 female teacher
  • 11 male teachers


  • 320 female students
  • 600 male students
  • 8 female teachers
  • 16 male teachers


  • Poverty
  • Rural community
  • Arid conditions
  • Poor community understanding of importance of girls’ education

Outcomes since creation

  • 62% improvement in national exams
  • 70% improvement in end-of-year school exams
  • 80% improvement in academic performance throughout the year
  • 98% improvement in enrolment rates for girls
  • 78% improvement in retention rates for girls
  • 86% improvement in completion rates for girls
  • 29% improvement in transition rates to next level of education for girls
  • 90% reduction in schoolgirl pregnancy rates
  • 92% reduction in sexual harassment

Girls are empowered to:

  • Participate confidently in class
  • Solve problems autonomously

Boys are empowered to:

  • Have positive attitude towards girls

Girls and boys are empowered to:

  • Have improved interaction and discussion
  • Have healthier gender relations
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