Prof. Anastasie Gasogo

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Prof. Anastasie Gasogo

Prof. Anastasie Gasogo

Board Member

Prof Anastasie Gasogo joined FAWE in 2014 and currently serves in the board as a member.

Prof Gasogo is a full Professor at the Faculty of Science, Biology Department, University of Burundi and her areas of interest are Animal Biodiversity especially insects biodiversity.

She is the Director General of Higher Education in Burundi’s Ministry of Education, Higher Learning and Scientific Research. She is also the Vice President of the National Commission of Higher Education, Burundi.

She has served as the Head of Biology Department, Faculty of Sciences at University of Burundi and is a member of the Regional Network for Conservation Educators of the Albertine Rift (RNCEAR).

She has published widely in the field of Biology: Behavior Ecology, Entomology, Biological control among others.