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Today, 5th October, World Teachers’ Day, as the global community comes together to support the new 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), FAWE and its network, would like to highlight the crucial role teachers play in achieving…


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By Dr. Harriet Sakala, FAWEZA Alumni

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‘Class of 2015’ launch: FAWE urges transformation of African education

Friday, 26 September 2008

FAWE Executive Director Dr Codou Diaw made a statement at the launch of the Global Campaign for Education ‘Class of 2015: Education for All’ in New York, US, on 25 September 2008.

The ‘Class of 2015’, of which FAWE is a member, aims to remind political leaders of their commitment to education goals set for 2015 and to accelerate progress towards EFA by building political will to fund and achieve these goals.

Making an appeal for girls’ education in Africa, Dr Diaw called on African governments to commit to transforming the quality of education systems so they respond better to the needs of countries, communities and the continent as a whole.

She said, ‘Specific interventions are needed to address the educational needs of African girls living in dire poverty, girls living with HIV/AIDS and with disabilities, and girls who are out of the formal education system because of conflict, disease, and a host of other scourges. These are the children, the girls especially, who need our increasing attention.’

The ‘Class of 2015’ launch event drew pledges amounting to $4.5 billion over three years from high-level country representatives who supported their commitments through a public signing. GCE estimates that $16 billion a year must be committed and mobilised if quality education for all is to be achieved by 2015.

In her statement, Dr Diaw said, ‘Although we applaud the move towards budgetary support to African governments, which we hope will bring more predictability in educational funding, we also call for existing and upcoming funding mechanisms to allocate resources for the work done by CSOs and NGOs, which complement the work of governments.’

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