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Competition among the eight seaweed students groups.

///Competition among the eight seaweed students groups.
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On 17th June 2021, FAWE Zanzibar an awarding ceremony for the best trainee students in a recently concluded seaweed business competition. The students grouped themselves into at least 25 people each coming up with eight groups. The competition was based on Group formation, Business plan, sustainability strategy and presentation skills. The competition was so stiff that every competitor got above 70%. The eight groups each had a group name, business plans were in place and well defined, four strategic plan well written and presentation skills was 100%. Surprise all eight groups present seaweed value added products from jam, massage oil, hair oil, body scrub, cakes, bar washing soap, liquid soap, bath soap, raw seaweed, dry seaweed, pain balm, lotion produced by themselves.

The competition was open to the 200 students recruited and trained in both seaweed practical and theory in Unguja for the last three years in Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 intake by TVET through FAWE Zanzibar.


Caption: Awarded students (back row) and officials (front row) pose for a photo at the awarding ceremony held in Unguja, Zanzibar

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