Girls’ voices amplified on the Day of the African Child, 2020

///Girls’ voices amplified on the Day of the African Child, 2020

On 15th June 2020, FAWE in collaboration with Plan International, Mtoto News and Rozaria Memorial Trust hosted an all girls’ webinar. The purpose of the webinar was to discuss girls’ perspectives on child friendly justice systems in Africa.

The participants, had insightful contributions on what should be done in order for girls to access justice. The girls unanimously agreed that in their respective countries, it is very easy to access justice systems and be safe in urban settings because girls are quite empowered. In the rural areas on the other hand, it is different.

Speaking about what constitutes a girl friendly justice system, the girls said that it is a system whereby girls’ rights are respected, protected and their voices heard; a justice system that administers justice without fear and manages cases without discrimination while at the same time, being accommodative and friendly to the girls. The Dagoretti girls for example mentioned that there should be social workers in courts who ensure that children understand their rights fully in order to demand justice.

As they concluded, each girl was expected to give a parting shot on what should be done to ensure a girl friendly justice system. The following were answers received from the girls:

  • Action should be put into the justice system of the child. She wants also to see a lot of people supporting children
  • We can’t do it alone; we need help
  • Girls should get justice because if justice doesn’t happen the cases will continue happening
  • More measures need to be put in place to protect the girl child from abuse
  • Government should enforce access to girl friendly justice system to girls facing early marriage because the informal justice systems aren’t giving justice to girls
  • Governments should create reporting systems that are girl friendly that have no interference from people who may interfere with the cases
  • We need to start fighting for our own rights and establishing of ways in which we are heard

The session had representatives from Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Zambia with a total of 504 views on YouTube and Facebook.

To view full report, click here: Webinar report-Child Friendly Justice, Girl’s perspective_Final 3

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