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The Road to Morocco for the 2017 ADEA Triennale

//The Road to Morocco for the 2017 ADEA Triennale
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The 2017 Triennale of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) will be held from 15th to 17th March, 2017 in Marrakech, Morocco, under the theme: Revitalizing education towards the 2030 Global Agenda and the 2063 African Agenda. The Triennale aims to facilitate exchange of critical knowledge, cognate experiences, good and best practices, evidence/results-based research, innovative solutions and developments, national and regional programmes, projects and initiatives that hold concrete strategic ideas, critical lessons and potential pathways for African governments, policy-makers, teachers,  practitioners, education implementing agencies, educational administrators, NGOs , and communities, among others, to  generate more holistic policies, strategic planning  and effective interventions in order to significantly improve inclusion, quality and relevance of education and lifelong learning for all.

The Triennale theme has been further clustered into four sub-themes: ST1 – Implement quality education and lifelong learning for sustainable development; ST2 – Promote science, mathematics, and new technologies in the educational systems to ensure a successful structural transformation of Africa and to build African economies and societies based on knowledge; ST3 – Implement education towards the cultural revival of Africa and the ideals of pan-Africanism to foster continent-wide integration and the birth of the United States of Africa; and ST4 -Succeed in education for peace and global citizenship to promote mutual understanding within and among human groupings, the will to live together in a peaceful and united manner in the respect for diversity and the exercise of human rights for all and by all.

Under the existing partnership between FAWE and ADEA signed in 2015, FAWE was charged with coordinating activities under Sub theme one. So far, FAWE in consultation with different Working groups developed a concept note which outlines a clear road map of the activities under SB 1 leading to the Triennale. FAWE has also coordinated one of the five regional (East Africa Consultative meeting) forums which have informed the dimension of enhancing quality education in the continent.

The first was on Peace education and hosted by the government of Gabon. Two regional meetings; Senegal for West African Region and Morocco for North African Region discussed science, mathematics, and new technologies in the educational systems. Kenya hosted the East African Region discussions on quality and lifelong learning, while Angola hosted South African cluster focused on education for peace and global citizenship. The climax of the consultations went down in Egypt on 22ndto 23rd November in a validation workshop attended by continental government representatives and education stakeholders.

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