FAWE Ethiopia, New members on board!

//FAWE Ethiopia, New members on board!

FAWE-Ethiopia has conducted its regular Annual General Assembly meeting on March 22, 2014. They are pleased to announce that new board members have been elected on board.

Kindly, see below their names and their respective positions.

  1. Wzo. Abeba Hagos                     Chair Person
    2.       Wzo. Alimaz Weldetensay          Vice Chair
    3.       Wzo. Selome G/Meskel               Member
    4.       Wzo. Mekides Eyoel                    Member
    5.       Wzo. Almaz Debru                      Member
    6.       Wzo. Berehane Gelan                 Member
    7.       Wzo. Meseret Alaro                     Member

Congratulations to them!!!

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